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Using Trinidad ?

Are you using the “Trinidad” JSF component set, provided by Apache MyFaces ? If yes, please add your company to this wiki page. Thanks!

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Portlet Bridge Specification for JSF

There is a JSR 301, that is about providing a unique standard for a JSF-Portlet Bridge. The spec isn’t ready, but now available for its second Early Draft Review. Oracle donated an implementation to the Apache MyFaces project. There isn’t

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Unified EL – Craziness when handling Strings

Looking at a bug, I noticed some craziness is going on with the unified EL and coercion rules for String. It converts every null object to an empty String. Take this TLD snippet from the core.tld, for the standard convertDateTime

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Issues with uploads in JSF

Almost every 3rd party JSF component library comes with a file-upload-component. So do the Apache MyFaces component libraries Tobago, Tomahawk or Trinidad. This blog speaks about Trinidad, but it is true for other JSF component libraries as well. Imagine you

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New Orchestra Demo..

Thomas Spiegl added a new Orchestra-Demo to the FacesGoodies project. That shows how-to use Hibernate(JPA) + Orchestra. The user-interfaces is using Tomahawk as the JSF-comp. lib. Have fun!

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Update to FacesGoodies

I updated the SVN version of FacesGoodies. The major change was, that I removed the Apache Shale framework and I added the new Apache MyFaces Orchestra framework. Now I am strongly following the pattern of defining the “JSF beans” only

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ViewControllers in Orchestra

Sure, the “ViewController” pattern isn’t new. Basically it is the concept of using a specific bean, behind a webpage. In ASP.NET this is called code-behind, AFAIK. Apache Shale has it, and Apache MyFaces Orchestra too. It might be confusing, that

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