JRuby on Rails

After I installed JRuby 1.1-beta, I tested the integration with Rails. Worked very well and wasn’t hard. Since JRuby is a Java-interpreter for the Ruby scripting language, you can use all you know (or not 😉 ) form Ruby.

I used GEM to install the Rails framework on my box and the rails command to create my simple app.
Like in plain Rails (well this is Rails, just with JRuby), I created a controller and edited it. I also updated the generated rhtml file.

After starting the server (the included WEBrick 1.3.1) I could access my first Rails app ever.

That was a very very simple demo (not an application at all), but I’ve to say, that I will continue my playings with JRuby on Rails!

It’s really worth to try!



Posted in jruby, rails, web²

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