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New York City: AjaxWorld

In March I’ll be in NYC for the first time of my life! I am going there because my talk for the AjaxWorld conference was accepted. I am really looking forward to the conference, since there are lot’s of great

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Apache Member

I was invited by Lars Eilebrecht (behalf of the Apache Software Foundation membership) to join the membership of the ASF. I’m really honored and flattered about the fact! And yes, I did accept the offer 🙂 Manfred Geiler, MyFaces PMC

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IBM is using Apache Harmony

Today I found a very interesting post, from Geir. He is referencing to an announcement, that IBM is using Harmony in their JDK 6 impl. Here is his original post. Since I think, that this is a very cool post,

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Apache MyFaces Orchestra – simpler XML config!

Simon Kitching created this Orchestra enhancement, and he (of course) implemented it. What does that mean ? It actually simplifies your XML configuration! In the “past” (well, Orchestra is pretty young (but stable)) a bean looked like: Now, it looks

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Thunderbird vs. Gmail (Desktop vs. Web)

I am using Gmail for all of my (Apache) mailing lists, my private stuff, and sometimes I write emails to team-mates via my private Gmail account. For 99% of my corp. emails, I am using Thunderbird, which is a FAT

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GMail supports IE 7 and FF2

This morning I was a bit surprised, that my GMail UI has changed a bit… they updated it. However, the more interesting news is, that it looks like they treat IE7 and FF2 as first class citizens for their UI-updates.

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Java’s NumberFormat Bug

I ran across this bug, when I had to verify that the Trinidad NumberConverter is able to parse currency strings for the France locale (fr_FR). Why not, I thought….. Here is a bit simple code: I’d expect that the System.out.println()

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