Apache MyFaces Orchestra – simpler XML config!

Simon Kitching created this Orchestra enhancement, and he (of course) implemented it.
What does that mean ? It actually simplifies your XML configuration!
In the “past” (well, Orchestra is pretty young (but stable)) a bean looked like:

<bean id="googleMapBean" class="net.wessendorf.faces.starter.view.controller.GoogleMapBean" scope="conversation.manual"
    orchestra:conversationName="googleMap" p:userService-ref="userServiceImpl">
   <aop:scoped-proxy />

Now, it looks like this:

  <bean id="googleMapBean" class="net.wessendorf.faces.starter.view.controller.GoogleMapBean" scope="conversation.manual"
    orchestra:conversationName="googleMap" p:userService-ref="userServiceImpl" /> 

Just a single line of XML… Not a big deal, but in large applications, you actually benefit from it!  I updated FacesGoodies, to reflect this change!
Next thing is to use Spring’s JavaConfig (Spring 2.5), to get rid of more XML.


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