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Apache SVN: Revision 600000

Tonight, I was committing some things to MyFaces and starting the process of preparing a new Trinidad release. Bernd Bohmän who is just now sitting next to me (from the Tobago project), was also committing several things. We both had

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Amsterdam: ApacheCon EU – second round!

Next year in April the ApacheCon EU is in Amsterdam, again. Not to bad, actually! This year was a blast! Not only because of Queens day! 😉 Last night, I got a notification by the planers, that my session was

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Running Swing with JRuby

Inside $JRUBY_HOME there are some samples. One is running a simple Swing application w/ JRuby. Wow! The JRuby SwingRunner looks like: Sure, that looks different, when coming (like I) from a kind of Java-only perspective. Some keywords are different or

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Google’s Android

One of the cool things of Android is, that is uses Apache Harmony. For those, that don’t know it, Harmony is Apache’s Java-Impl., which is (for some reasons) not yet tested by the “Java TCK”. But, what does that mean

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JSF – We need more interfaces in the API

I filed this JSF Spec bug because I think, that we (the JSF folks) need more interfaces in the Components API. In MyFaces (to connect Trinidad / Tomahawk) we were doing String comparison (the Component Family) to check if a

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JRuby on Rails

After I installed JRuby 1.1-beta, I tested the integration with Rails. Worked very well and wasn’t hard. Since JRuby is a Java-interpreter for the Ruby scripting language, you can use all you know (or not 😉 ) form Ruby. I

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Apache Wicket

Wicket is a Java Web Framework that uses POJOs and HTML to create applications. I read a lot’s of blogs that Wicket is so great, but never really bothered with taking it serious. When flying back from ApacheCon US, I

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