Comet (with Dojo and Jetty)

Yesterday I started playing with the comet programming model, by using Jetty on the server and the Dojo Toolkit on the client. The application was quiet simple, but it did what I wanted to archive: “Updating the client, based on a server side event” (by faking a message/event driven architecture, by using a ServletFilter to queue a message to a single channel 😉 ).

Today I tried to use multiple channels:

  • having the client subscribing to multiple channels
  • having the Filter queuing messages to different channels

It worked fine! Doing this one the client:


I was able to subscribe to multiple channels. Now I had a second Filter; one queued a message to the “/ping” channel and the other to the “/pong” channel. After that, I created a third Filter to publish message on both channels.

Both things worked great! Now it would be interesting to create a web 2.0 / mashup application to “listen” to stock ticker (and/or weather) services and rapidly display the changed value (of the stock for instance).

I really enjoyed my simple comet programming steps. Next thing might be the integration of a message broker to have a more realistic application.



Posted in ajax, comet, dojo, java, jetty, web²
2 comments on “Comet (with Dojo and Jetty)
  1. VP says:


    Can you tell me which version of Dojo did you use? I had read somewhere that there is an issue with using Dojo 1.0 with Jetty server.

  2. matthiaswessendorf says:

    I used the one, provided by the jetty bundle (see here

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