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MyFaces goes JSF 2.0

Yesterday morning (German time), Simon Lessard created a JSF 2.0 branch for Apache MyFaces. This is great news, since the MyFaces team is now kinda early in the game. Simon already added new interfaces/APIs, proposed by the last early draft.

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JBoss’ WebBeans and TCK

By accident, I noticed this link on the Seam website. It talks about WebBeans. No, it doesn’t only talk about WebBeans and the relationship to Seam. It does much more… it contains a link to the source code… Not a

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podcast/interview from JSFCentral

Kito D. Mann did an interview with me, when I was in NYC to attend the AjaxWorld show. He published this interview as a podcast here. Currently I am writing a series of articles about Trinidad. These will be published

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I am really happy, that I could get an iPod Hi-Fi for my home office (no, I bought it myself ;-)). With available for iPhone / iPod, it is really cool to listen to my favorite stations via iPod

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Log, log, log

Most common pattern, when doing logging, is currently this: Some could say, that these checks “blow” up the code… But what if the LEVEL(…) call itself would check the “isLEVEL()” ? The code would be a little bit cleaner, isn’t

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Issues I filed against JSF 2.0

Some important items, such as ajax or lowering the pain of creating components was already discussed on blog from Ed Burns or other JSF spec members. I filed some tickets in the past against the JSF Spec (meaning API definition)

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A new blog…

I recently joined the Oracle Developer Tools Blog, a blog about JDeveloper, ADF, TopLink and Eclipse. My first post is this, on Trinidad 1.2.9. This does NOT mean I give up this private blog. Just once in a while I’ll

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