Servlet 3.0 – What’s in ?

Good question… Looks like a standard API for async. request processing (comet) makes it into the spec. Something else that really bugs me, may make it into the spec as well. Upload API.

Yes, that’s already implemented in several ways and over and over again. So everything is pretty in-compatible and not standard… Lot of frameworks (or JSF libs) use Apache Commons’ Fileupload or another implementation.

Ed Burns blogged about gripe with Servlet 3.0 and my comment about the upload API got a “Yes, we have the plan to include it“. Nice, looking forward to see a new standard API for a pretty common problem/issue.

But, when included to Servlet 3.0… what happens to Portlets? And… since JSF is a more abstract layer on top of these… will there be a “model” class for uploaded files, that abstract form the underlying context (servlet vs. portlet) ?

Looks like still some work on the road to Servlet 3.0 and JSF 2.0



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