More on Servlet 3.0

Something I really want to do is adding a Servlet/Filter to the servlet context on startup or even before processing the http request. There are several reasons why such a dynamic deployment is great. One is for sure using platform specific features… like invoke/use/extend  comet API (with different servlets/filters), see

Tomcat API

Jetty API

as only two examples…

The Servlet Spec itself offers some nice Listeners (for e.g. ServletContextListener or ServletRequestListener) but, there is an important feature missing… Something like addFilter() or addServlet() on ServletContext. I did a look at the proposed APIs for Servlet 3.0 and found that these methods are now (well, once the spec is final) available. This is great news. Yes… Jetty is offering such a feature kinda since ever. Regarding the Servlet 3.0 spec I now wonder why they still keep the getServlet(s)(…) methods as deprecated… I guess it now makes sense to check if a Servlet is already deployed (or not)…

Well, anyway I am looking forward to the advent of Servlet 3.0 (and its adoption)!!



Posted in ajax, comet, java, jetty, web²

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