Issues I filed against JSF 2.0

Some important items, such as ajax or lowering the pain of creating components was already discussed on blog from Ed Burns or other JSF spec members.

I filed some tickets in the past against the JSF Spec (meaning API definition) as well.

Here is my (incomplete) list:

I want more interfaces on javax.faces.component:

Why does Unified EL Spec say If A is String: return A. Otherwise, if A is null: return “”.

I can understand why they added this guy in UIInput, but IMO this is wrong:
(Please no EditableValueHolder2 ;-))

Autocomplete was introduced on inputText, with the advent of JSF 1.2 (due to the rise of ajax),
but they forgot the html_form component:

I am pretty sure some more methods are missing on ExternalContext:
In Trinidad we have a ExternalContextUtil, where we add those bits that are missing…

Why not making subforms part of the standard (since jsf 2.0 already contains some new tags):

These came up due to bugs, Gabrielle Crawford and I worked on (since our ADF Faces Framework has an optimized JSF lifecycle):

I hope these tickets (and some others) are addressed in the next generation of JSF 2.0 🙂
Some other cool things were already added, as Ryan showed in his blog. I am really looking forward for the (and for Servlet 3.0 as well).



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4 comments on “Issues I filed against JSF 2.0
  1. Mert says:

    Nice list, I also wanna see some annotation support for creating components. It’s still an xml burden to code.

    And hoping to see the el-bug that I filed for 1.2 to be solved 🙂

  2. matthiaswessendorf says:

    A colleague of mine, Andrew Robinson, filed this issue:

    In MyFaces (in the impl JARs) we fixed it already, but IMO when this is public… it would be good!

  3. Pete Muir says:

    When we went through the issues we found quite a number from you and Mike Youngstrom that were favourites to be fixed 🙂

    If you have any easy to fix stuff that isn’t in Ed’s list, please send it my way and I’ll make it sure it gets added to the list.

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