JBoss’ WebBeans and TCK

By accident, I noticed this link on the Seam website. It talks about WebBeans. No, it doesn’t only talk about WebBeans and the relationship to Seam. It does much more… it contains a link to the source code… Not a big deal… But! I am really happy to see that WebBeans is developed under ASL 2.0, by JBoss/Red Hat.

Even better, the page says that the TCK (not yet there) will also be licensed under ASL 2.0. Which is really great news! As far as I know, the only TCK that is ASL 2.0 based is the one from JDO.

Well done, JBoss!



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One comment on “JBoss’ WebBeans and TCK
  1. Hi,

    this is not quite true, also the later OSS/J APIs, JSR 264 being one example, publish their TCK in ASL 2.0.



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