MyFaces goes JSF 2.0

Yesterday morning (German time), Simon Lessard created a JSF 2.0 branch for Apache MyFaces. This is great news, since the MyFaces team is now kinda early in the game. Simon already added new interfaces/APIs, proposed by the last early draft. We also have a bunch of open jira issues on JSF 2.0 in our JIRA.

So, go ahead, do a checkout and provide patches, suggestions or comments😉

Since this is EARLY development stage, the branch isn’t something I’d consider to be stable… For discussions, use the developers mailing list and use [JSF 2.0] as prefix of your subject.

Once the spec is kinda final, we should be in a good shape to not be that late, with a (certified) release.


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3 comments on “MyFaces goes JSF 2.0
  1. Cagatay says:

    Oh yeah!

  2. […] MyFaces project started to work an implementation of the new JavaServer Faces 2.0 spec pretty early. The Apache/JSF community is driving this new effort. All recently added committers actually […]

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