MyFaces goes JSF 2.0

Yesterday morning (German time), Simon Lessard created a JSF 2.0 branch for Apache MyFaces. This is great news, since the MyFaces team is now kinda early in the game. Simon already added new interfaces/APIs, proposed by the last early draft. We also have a bunch of open jira issues on JSF 2.0 in our JIRA.

So, go ahead, do a checkout and provide patches, suggestions or comments 😉

Since this is EARLY development stage, the branch isn’t something I’d consider to be stable… For discussions, use the developers mailing list and use [JSF 2.0] as prefix of your subject.

Once the spec is kinda final, we should be in a good shape to not be that late, with a (certified) release.


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3 comments on “MyFaces goes JSF 2.0
  1. Cagatay says:

    Oh yeah!

  2. […] MyFaces project started to work an implementation of the new JavaServer Faces 2.0 spec pretty early. The Apache/JSF community is driving this new effort. All recently added committers actually […]

  3. […] (JSR 314). Die RI von SUN steht auch bald bereit und auch die Truppe um MyFaces hat einen JSF 2.0 Branch erstellt. Spätestens jetzt sollte man einen Blick auf die Neuerungen und Verbesserungen, die mit […]

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