EJB lite ? I think I need help…

A co-worker pointed me to this article of a EJB 3.1 series. There is something in called “EJB lite”.

Reading the section on EJB lite, I think I need some help… First of all, they strip out some of the (heavy) things in EJB, like remote session beans and MDBs (message driven beans). What remains is “injection, persistence management, stateless session beans and declarative transactions”, sorta…

This sounds to me, that they try to include a *lightweight* EJB version (of course, the term lightweight is actually overused these days). But… isn’t that the goal of WebBeans as well ? To introduce a “lightweight” component model (by unifying EJB/JSF) ?

So, the article says we may see lightweight implementations of this (like in Spring). I now think also about Guice ?!? Or wait, Guice was pretty much driving WebBeans (the DI part)… So, would/should Spring and Guice have to implement WebBeans and/or EJB lite ?

Looks like some questions to solve for the next Java EE umbrella specification… I think I am a bit confused by this 🙂



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