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Avoiding “Open Source” with JSF and Facelets

When using Facelets it is normal to use XHTML files to describe the view. Also in your web.xml configuration mostly you find a mapping of the FacesServlet to something like “/faces/*” or “*.faces”, so that you have URLs like: http://myserver:port/context/coolPage.faces

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Mobile Application Development with JSF (Trinidad)

Apache MyFaces Trinidad does support Mobile Application Development. There is also some documentation on this feature, here. Let’s see if we get a (nice) demo… 🙂 If you are interested in it, join the large MyFaces community. Enjoy!

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Conversation Scope and JSF (or your favorite web framework)

There is a lot of buzz (not only recently) around some extra scope, that is shorter than a session and longer than a request. Such a scope is a very good scope to implement business processes or some wizard (==>

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Trinidad – new releases

It has been a while, since we got the last Trinidad release (August 2008). Today, there were two new releases: Trinidad 1.2.10: A JSF 1.2 component library (and more) Trinidad 1.0.10: A JSF 1.1 component library (and more) Both are

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JSFDays reloaded – Let’s meet 2009 in Vienna, again!

The last JSFDays conference, in March 2008, was just awesome! A great get together of the JSF community… 🙂 Now, after the great success of the very good organized event, there is a volume 2 of it! At the beginning

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Article series on Trinidad

I started to write a (little) series of articles about Apache MyFaces Trinidad. In these article, I’ll cover several parts of the Trinidad framework (like ajax or skinning support) and its components (like tree or table). The first article is

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