Google Chrome – WebKit update ?

Today I had to download Google Chrome, to work (verify) a bug. Same issue is present in Safari 3.2.1. Perhaps I should mention that both aren’t using the latest greatest WebKit as its core… So, I gave the nightly a shot… The bug wasn’t reproducibly with the nightly WebKit. Nice.

Since there is a huge G in Chrome… folks want to see fixes in there. Kinda more pressure instead of fixing a “Safari only” bug 🙂

This all is fine, sure. But it is interesting that the Chrome browser uses an older WebKit than Safari 3.2.1…

Let’s hope there is an update out soon, that bundles the G browser with the latest, greatest WebKit.



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One comment on “Google Chrome – WebKit update ?
  1. foo says:

    You can try out a tip-of-tree Chromium build that has a very recent WebKit snapshot here:

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