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JSF 2 and CDI – a nice combo!

In JSF 2.0 there is (optional) support for annotating JSF Managed beans, via the Faces Managed Bean Annotation Specification. Both Apache MyFaces and the SUN RI implement this specification. With the advent of these two JSRs: 299 – CDI (Contexts

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Running ADF on different containers

When you download JDev, your application by default runs (and deploys) agains the Weblogic container. However, the ADF framework is running on different containers as well. My colleague Shay Shmeltzer gave me a list of instructions for different containers, today.

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Using the Expression Language Maintenance Release (MR) (EL2)

Funny, a co-worker yesterday called me about using the Expression Language MR stuff. Interestingly my buddy Lincoln wrote a blog on that one, a little while ago. Check it out. Good read!

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ADF’s Active Data Service and multiple push windows

As mentioned here, the ADS feature of ADF Faces supports “push channel sharing” since a very long time… The first window that hits a page which contains an active component, e.g. a <af:table> that is referencing to an ActiveDataModel implementation,

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ADF Faces and Server-Side-Push

Some of you already know that ADF Faces does Server-Side-Push, with its ADS (Active Data Service) facility. It is a very feature rich offering that has cool stuff, under the hood. Over the last release we also improved our documentation.

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Java EE 6 – the web profile

The JSR 316 (Java EE 6) has been approved by the “Executive Committee for SE/EE”. See the vote result details here. It is interesting to see that the Web Profile has no optional component. In fact all these guys are

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Twitter status post with Apache Wink

I read from Davanum Srinivas’s tweet that the Apache Wink podling released 0.1. I didn’t know what Wink is offering, so I took a look. I read that Apache Wink 0.1 is a complete and TCK compliant implementation of the

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