Apache MyFaces – a pretty active community

When I had to write the first quarterly report of the Apache MyFaces community (I am now the new chair, after Manfred Geiler decided to “retire”) I noticed that this community was able to have 11 releases, on all the different subprojects, over the last three month. Pretty cool, isn’t it ?

Here is the list of releases:

  • MyFaces Core 1.2.5
  • MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.8
  • MyFaces Tobago 1.0.19
  • MyFaces Tobago 1.0.20
  • MyFaces Trinidad 1.0.10
  • MyFaces Trinidad 1.2.10
  • MyFaces Orchestra 1.3
  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.1.1
  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.2.1
  • MyFaces Portal Bridge 1.0.0-alpha-3
  • MyFaces Portal Bridge 1.0.0-beta

Not only the community managed to release new bits, the community also continued the way to a JSF 2.0 implementation (the implementation project already started in September/October 2009). Also a discussion on a “global” skinning module (eventually useful in JSF 2.0 land?) was discussed.

I am pretty happy that this community is really doing well, after all the years 🙂

Thanks to every single contribution to the overall community.



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3 comments on “Apache MyFaces – a pretty active community
  1. rainwebs says:

    Global skinning is a good idea. Would help to integrate different JSF frameworks. Although, you can have single solutions, e.g. ICEfaces, you still have to avoid other compatible frameworks, like Tomahawk, when skinning is important.

    I prefer a solution based on the standard. Similar to Facelet for JSF 2.0. So, we would have standardized file management, naming conventions and compatibility.

    I’m working on an integration project for ICEfaces and Tomahawk in the AppFuse context in preparation for a book. Maybe there’s time left to prove how a framework-independent skinning could be:


  2. Arno Unkrig says:

    Hi Matthias,

    we are planning to utilize JSF 2.0 here at VKB. I understand that MyFaces 2.0 will implement JSF 2.0 – is there a release plan for MyFaces 2.0? The “MyFaces 2.0 development going forward” article is quite vague.



  3. matthiaswessendorf says:


    on the dev@ mailing list there is some traffic about JSF 2.0. However, there is no release plan, yet. Please join the mailing list in question in order to get the latest news on JSF 2.0

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