MyFaces 2.0 is now trunk

The Apache MyFaces project started to work an implementation of the new JavaServer Faces 2.0 spec pretty early. The Apache/JSF community is driving this new effort. All recently added committers actually contributed stuff to MyFaces 2.0.

Now, there is also another important step into the JSF 2.0 adaption. Apache MyFaces has made its 2.0 effort to become trunk. This happened a few weeks ago; before the JSF 1.1 stuff was trunk. Well, we still support JSF 1.2 and JSF 1.1 (there haven’t been JSF RI releases for JSF 1.1 in a while) and continue support for these types, as they are in use.

However, JSF 2.0 brings a lot of new stuff to the table – and this spec (and its features) is really important to keep JSF alive. The MyFaces community honors that by making it TRUNK.

Good time! Now do a svn check-out and start contributing to it! 🙂



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One comment on “MyFaces 2.0 is now trunk
  1. Great news!
    I will start in contributing soon.
    Thank you Matzew.

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