combining CDI producer methods with EL

CDI’s Producer methods are nice to expose any sort of class (e.g. legacy or 3rd party (JDK)). Combining the @Produces with the @Named you can reuse the result in your XHTML JSF page.

Some Java code:

@Produces @Named public MyBean getMyBeanImpl()
return someBean;

Now the XHTML can have something like:

<h:outputText value="#{myBeanImpl.someOfItsProperties}" />

If you want, you can use the @Named with a named value (e.g. @Named(“fooBar”)). Now the fooBar also is required by the EL.

Pretty nice!



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One comment on “combining CDI producer methods with EL
  1. Yeah, it’s cool. And useful too. I’m using it in my MyFaces 2.0 demo app, like this:
    public class Utils {
    @Produces @Named public String getBasePath() {
    return FacesContext

    And then in my Facelet, I can do:

    But on the other hand, this can become dangerous stuff, because you don’t know where the objects come from…

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