Demo of Apache MyFaces 2 and OpenWebBeans

Recently the Apache MyFaces project released its second beta release and yesterday the Apache OpenWebBeans project released its M4 release.

These are great milestones in the direction of JavaEE at Apache!

A few month ago Bernd Bohmann and I were giving a JSF2 + X presentation in Muenster, at the JUG. The presentation was great and we showed a lot of cool features of JSF2 and CDI. The big plus was that we were Apache projects (MyFaces and OWB), which we build from the trunk. Now since there are these important milestones, I was able to actually make the demo project available under my “facesgoodies” demo/kickstart project.

Get the source of the Maven project from here.

Once you extracted the source, just run “mvn” and Maven downloads all you need!



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