Nice inline JavaScript and CSS via ADF Faces resource tag

Sometimes it is required that you need (or want) to write some custom JavaScript (and/or CSS). In JSF2 there are two tags to refer to JavaScript and CSS files. While the functionally to seamlessly integrate (external) resources, not always you really want to create an external file for that stuff…

ADF Faces has a nice <af:resource> tag which gives you a good amount of flexibility to write embedded JS. Sure you can also reference to external files as well:

<af:resource type="javascript">
function myJavaScriptFunction()
// do stuff in here...

This is pretty nice, since you can edit stuff inside of the page. If you figure the CSS (or JavaScript) is getting bigger and bigger, you can always stick it into an external file and reference it with the source attribute of the <af:resource> tag.


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