Example on accessing Apache HBase with JPA

A few month ago I started to play with Apache HBase, Apache’s Bigtable implementation. Since the Bigtable impl. from the Google AppEngine (->Datastore) can be accessed with JPA, I searched for a way to use HBase with JPA as well.

Fortunately there is an easy: The DataNuculeus plugin (used by Google AppEngine) does have support for Apache HBase as well.

Over the time I noticed that folks are searching for “JPA HBase” are coming to my blog. As of now there is a SIMPLE demo: A (JSF2-based) web application that uses JPA to talk to an existing HBase installation.

I did commit to the code to github.

On http://github.com/matzew/hbase-jpa-jsf I also added a little README that gives some more details on how to run the example on your machine.

Note: It is just a quick and simple example that mainly should act as a playground for those that are interested in this topic.



Posted in Bigtable, CDI, facelets, fun, Hadoop, HBase, java, jetty, jsf, myfaces
One comment on “Example on accessing Apache HBase with JPA
  1. Niels says:

    Very useful! Thanks for sharing!

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