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A CDI Scope Resolver for Spring 3

A few weeks ago I blogged about a simple Spring Resolver to integrate CDI standard scopes in a Spring-based application. I noticed, while checking my blog stats, that folks are interested in an integration of CDI (scopes) in a Spring

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ADF Faces and Trinidad renderkits…

Looks like there is a confusion about the renderkits for Trinidad and ADF Faces. Today a colleague asked me what’s up with these renderkit IDs: oracle.adf.core oracle.adf.desktop oracle.adf.pda The last one ( is the one that you want to

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input type:file issues with Firefox 3.0

Today I had the joy to figure out about (at least) two issue in Firefox 3.0. They are working fine in Firefox 3.5 and later. The problems are CSS styling does not work JavaScript focus() calls do not work After

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