input type:file issues with Firefox 3.0

Today I had the joy to figure out about (at least) two issue in Firefox 3.0. They are working fine in Firefox 3.5 and later. The problems are

  • CSS styling does not work
  • JavaScript focus() calls do not work

After some searching and “testing” I learned, that these are actually known Firefox 3.0 bugs:

This can be simply seen with a small test-case:

<script type="text/javascript">
function fc()
var element = document.getElementById("filer");
<input id="filer" onfocus="alert('set focus on inputFile');" type="file" style="border: 2px solid #C70000;"/>

<button id="btn" onclick="fc();">Focus input file</button>

Since the support for Firefox 3.0 died in March 2010 I feel it is not worth to waste time in fixing this by adding nasty hacks/work-arounds. Maybe there are simply hacks – if so, let me know 🙂

Yes… something like this could be done… but the focus/style works in FF2 and FF3.5/6 without any of those hacks; and the button is not what we are interested in styling…



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