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Disabling the ARC in Xcode 4.2

With Xcode 4.2 (iOS 5) Apple introduce ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) to help with memory management. Basically you no longer need to call retain or release. However current examples/books (and (open source) libraries) are still doing it. This leads to

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Getting started with Objective C

In order to do i{Phone|Pod|Pad} or Mac development you need to learn Objective-C, which is basically adding some object-orientation to the C language. The last 2.5 days I spent some time in learning about Objective C. I used Xcode (an

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WebSocket: Bringing TCP to the browser

The WebSocket standard is almost finalized. However, WebSocket itself is offering “just” a (data) pipe. WebSocket is well suited to bring event- or data-driven applications to the browser. A valid example would a Web UI for a JMS or AMQP

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Bringing Stomp/JMS to the browser – via WebSocket

Last week I attended the Con-Fess conference in Vienna to speak about WebSocket (and its JSF integration). The first demo described how to bring UDP-based network traffic to the browser. Another demo from my presentation showed how to bring JMS

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Extending TCP/UDP-based protocols to the browser by using WebSocket

WebSocket is a bi-directional AND full-duplex communication STANDARD to build next generations web applications. The WebSocket Protocol and its client APIs are getting more and more to their final state. You could say it is “TCP for the web”. However WebSocket is NOT:

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Java Client for WebSocket

When folks hear WebSocket, they most-likely imaging using the (native) JavaScript APIs, from modern browsers, to access a WebSocket server. However there is a need for other platforms, like a regular Java client. Several Http Client projects, like Async Http

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Joining Kaazing

Tomorrow is my last workday it Oracle. In March I am joining Kaazing! I will be working on WebSocket, HTML5 and other related technologies to build the next generation web! I am really excited about it and I am looking

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