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How-to add the Maven version number to the MANIFEST.MF file?

For the Apache MyFaces Trinidad project I wanted to include the Maven version number, into the MANIFEST.MF The solution itself is pretty straightforward. You can use an existing plugin, to get the version number. The inclusion to the MANIFEST.MF is

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Apache MyFaces in the cloud

The Apache Software Foundation has a lot of offerings for cloud based infrastructure. There are a lot of projects in that directions. A few examples are: Hadoop, Cassandra, HBase or some that are currently undergoing incubation: Whirr / Libcloud. Two

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Reanimating a dead Nexus One

In March 2010 I bought an Android device: The Google Nexus One phone. A great phone so far. What I really appreciate is its trackball and the Android feature to have multiple languages on the keyboard: Just slide on “space”

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