Reanimating a dead Nexus One

In March 2010 I bought an Android device: The Google Nexus One phone. A great phone so far. What I really appreciate is its trackball and the Android feature to have multiple languages on the keyboard: Just slide on “space” to switch to another language (I am using German and English).

Yesterday (January 10th, 2011) it died. SHOCKING!!

I did a (simple) shutdown, but during that process it did vibrate around five to seven times. Quite unusual, but I was not shocked at that time….

A minute later, I tried to start it. Nothing happened. No matter how long I was pressing the POWER button. I asked on Twitter for help. I got some feedback to try all kind of (weird) combinations of POWER, TRACKBALL and SOUND buttons. Nothing helped.

Another mystery: I connected my phone with its charger and there was no green/orange light… (the light is visible when the phone is charging).

Fortunately @jwildeboer suggested to charge it without the battery. This (sorta) did the trick… After I connected it without the battery the light was blinking: green and orange! Interesting….

Now I put the battery back in. That was the final step! YEAH – I was able to boot it. Battery is was still at 93%…

I am really happy to be able to use my Nexus One, again 🙂




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2 comments on “Reanimating a dead Nexus One
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  2. niq says:

    I’ve had that kind of behaviour not just with phones, but sometimes with desktop boxes, where it tends to mean a problem in power management. The solution is to disconnect from all power long enough for whatever is causing the trouble to discharge.

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