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Joining Kaazing

Tomorrow is my last workday it Oracle. In March I am joining Kaazing! I will be working on WebSocket, HTML5 and other related technologies to build the next generation web! I am really excited about it and I am looking

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JPA2 and CloudBees

Besides its “Tomcat-as-a-Service”, the CloudBees service is also offering a hosted MySQL (5.0.51) database. This “database-as-a-service” can be used in various ways. Once you’ve created your database, you can get detailed informations about it in the management console. This console

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Leaving Oracle

After almost five years I am leaving Oracle at the end of February. In 2006 I joined the company to work on JavaServer Faces related projects like Apache MyFaces/Trinidad or ADF Faces. I had a great time at Oracle and

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NotSerializableException for UIComponents

Sometimes I am getting ‘bugs’ that claim there is something wrong with the (Trinidad) framework, as its UIComponents are NOT serializable… An example: org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.UIXSwitcher No, this is not a bug at all! First: Your (session/application/pageFlow scoped) backing beans should

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Apache MyFaces in the cloud – Part II

A few days ago I did a quick test to see how well Apache MyFaces “works” in the cloud. The Amazon Beanstalk test was a success. Now, I gave the new Run@Cloud offerings from @CloudBees a try. Apache MyFaces goes

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