Apache MyFaces in the cloud – Part II

A few days ago I did a quick test to see how well Apache MyFaces “works” in the cloud. The Amazon Beanstalk test was a success.

Now, I gave the new Run@Cloud offerings from @CloudBees a try.

Apache MyFaces goes Run@Cloud…

I tried to deploy my kickstart project to the cloud – It worked very well. After telling the console the “application name”, selecting the desired WAR file I quickly got a notification “popup” that my App is ready!

It was very quick. After these simple steps, on the nice UI, I was able to use my application:

The project itself is quite simple and therefore a good candidate to give offerings like Run@Cloud a test-drive. Besides the neat size of the project, it still contains an interesting set of modern JavaEE 6 technologies:

  • CDI (Apache OpenWebBeans)
  • JPA (Apache OpenJPA)
  • JSF2 (Apache MyFaces)

and a set of CDI extensions (Apache MyFaces CODI)!

The Run@Cloud service uses Tomcat 6.0.29 and since the application is able to run in “standalone” Tomcat 6 (and 7) installations, I was expecting it works with CloudBees as well. And yes, it was the case!

Looks like there is another interesting “Tomcat as a Service” offer in the market 🙂



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