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Writing mock tests for AFNetworking

Mocking is not new and in the iOS space there is a nice library called OCMock. For HTTP communication the best library is AFNetworking. Both frameworks have some documentation on their project page, so I am not repeating basics here.

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Using Mantle with AeroGear

The last two days I looked at Mantle, and how it solves some issues, when working with JSON and a rich domain model. Now, how to use the Mantle framework with AeroGear’s iOS library? The Model – with Mantle Ok,

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Objective-C: Working with JSON and mapping it a rich domain model

Transforming Objects to JSON and building up an object graph from a JSON response is pretty standard. But how is it done with Objective-C? Imagine a very simple class Task: and let’s create an instance for the class: Cool! Now

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AeroGear developer release

Yesterday we released a new version of the AeroGear library! Highlights are a more fluent API to create pipes,stores and authModules. Another milestone was the usage of using the previously discussed configuration objects! Get it from the CocoaPods repo! New way

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Objective-C: Builder Pattern vs Configuration Objects

In the Java world the usage of the builder pattern is quite common, when you are building complex objects. The usage of a builder would look like this: That’s easy to read! But what when you want that on the

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