AeroGear iOS 1.0.0

Today the AeroGear team is very happy to announce the 1.0.0 release of our iOS libraries:

The aerogear-ios project is a utility to communicate with remote server and storing data. The functionality of the library covers these areas:

  • HTTP REST abstraction + Paging
  • Authentication and User enrollment
  • Store and DataManager

TODO application was built that shows the library, by communicating with our TODO application, on OpenShift.

AeroGear meets Security

The aerogear-otp-ios project contains an iOS library for generating one time passwords according to RFC 6238. My colleague Christos Vasilakis describes the library here. Feel free to give the little demo a try as well!

More Documentation and Xcode Template

Besides the libraries there are more goodies! The project offers a neat template for Xcode, to kickstart your development.Check it out! We also increased the documentation with a little Cookbook

We hope you enjoy this release. We strongly encourage you to help us improving the project with feedback on the mailing list, or via our JIRA instance



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