Confess Vienna

Last week I was attending the Confess Conference in Vienna. It was a pretty good conference with interesting attendees and talks. Most talks were in the “Enterprise Java” range (Java EE and Spring); added with content around Big-Data, and JavaScript/HTML(5).

I gave a presentation about using HTML/JavaScript bits with a RESTful JavaEE backend (meaning JAX-RS). It was an overview on different frameworks/libraries out there, demonstrated on-top of the AeroGear TODO backend demo:

  • jQuery / jQuery Mobile
  • Backbone.js
  • AeroGear.js
  • Angular.js

The client demo applications where executed in three different “containers”:

  • desktop browser
  • mobile browser (iOS simulator)
  • Apache Cordova application (iOS simulator)

For the last demo, I showed our new AeroGear plugin for JBoss Forge (details here). It basically generates a JavaEE application, which uses Angular.js (for view templates and model declaration) and AeroGear.js (for the HTTP communication) as it’s Web technology.

Once the app is deployed it can be used in a (mobile) browser. The really cool part is that the HTML/JS bits from the generated app can be used as a native mobile app, by using Apache Cordova’s CLI with just a few steps! (A blog entry will follow…)

Going was worth it and seeing old friends is always fun. Thanks to Irian for having me at Confess! My slides are here:


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