Attending UIKonf

Yesterday I was in Berlin (always worth to go there) for attending the UIKonf: an iOS developers conference. The location (Heimathafen) was awesome! Pretty good atmosphere, and awesome coffee all day. Yay!

The talk line-up was good as well. They had four rounds of sessions. All in one room, and each round had three sessions, that were scheduled to be 30 minutes: Perfect for getting quickly to the point!

The first session was pretty geeky. Joris Kluivers showed the Core Bluetooth Framework and did fancy things with a Mac, an iPhone and an actual lamp 🙂 The second talk (by Boris Buegling) was about the Objective-C Runtime. He showed common things like introspecting objects/methods or associative references. While talking he mention some of the Github Frameworks, like Mantle or libextobjc as good examples. Daniel Eggert gave a pretty basic overview on CoreData. Being a formal Apple employee he gave some hints regarding performance and optimizations. IMO the most interesting statement was given at the end: Do NOT use NSIncrementalStore.

Afterwards I asked and he explained that using remote/http for CoreData just feels wrong. Indeed, I have been there with AFIncrementalStore too! Generally,… I am not that sure on CoreData…, and it looks like that most attendees were also not fans of CoreData 🙂

Robb gave a cool presentation about another Github Framework, called Reactive Cocoa, which is an Objective-C framework for Functional Reactive Programming: It provides APIs for composing and transforming streams of values. It’s a nice framework, but not 100% sure we really need to integrate it into the AeroGear-iOS library…

Since I am very interested in testing, I really did enjoy Tim Brueckmann‘s talk on “Testing and iOS”. The talk was common sense, IMO and frameworks like Kiwi (for BDD) or OCUnit got mentioned. One thing I took away was OHHTTPStubs. Currently we have our own “NSURLProtocol” impl, so that may go away 🙂

Another talk, by Florian Kugler, was on tooling/instruments. He showed how these tools can be used to find memory leaks and other issues with your code. A few talks were on Design and User Interaction. It’s not really my topic, but it was also not that bad 🙂 The last talk given by Peter Steinberg was about tricks in your code, including some impressive reverse engineering.

The afterparty was at the Edelweiss bar/restaurant. With a few cold drinks the discussions continued all night long. Funny fact: a few mentioned their desire for something like generics, which I totally agree with!

For me it was a win, attending the conference. Various chats with folks that are longer doing iOS development was helpful, in kinda understanding that community. Also seeing we are using the right tools and libraries was good 🙂 I think, it was also a bit interesting, that there were no talks on popular frameworks like AFNetworking or CocoaPods.

Thanks to Chris Eidhof et al. for running such a great conference. I will come back 🙂



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