AeroGear iOS 1.1.0 release

Our little iOS library got a new minior release out! Most important part of this release is removing support for iOS 4.3 and now sticking with iOS 5.x and later. While getting this done, we have also updated the underlying AFNetworking library. We are now on the latest 1.3.1 version.

With version 1.1.0 the library now supports HTTP Authentication for Basic and Digest Access Authentication (RFC 2617), by using an NSURLCredential on the Pipe configuration object:

id tasks =
[pipeline pipe:^(id config) {
  [config setName:@"tasks"];

  [config setCredential:[NSURLCredential


On the AeroGear security side, we made the login function a bit more flexible, by accepting a dictionary, so that the user is able to provide the requested parameter names for password or username:

NSDictionary *credentials =
  @{@"username": @"john", @"password": @"123"};

// the login call
[authModole login:credentials success:^(id object) {
} failure:^(NSError *error) {

Besides that a little isEmpty method has been added to the AGStore protocol. Finally, for our unit tests we are now using the OHHTTPStubs, when testing all the HTTP parts of the library.

Out side of the “core” library the Xcode Template has been updated to include our OTP library and an optional flag to choose the AeroGear Security module.

The entire release notes:

  • [AGIOS-4] – Add HTTP basic authentication support on AeroGear iOS
  • [AGIOS-5] – Add HTTP digest authentication support on AeroGear iOS
  • [AGIOS-7] – xcode template: include OTP option
  • [AGIOS-8] – Evaluate ARGenericTableViewController for use in the TODO app.
  • [AGIOS-9] – Further improvements of ios unit and mock testing
  • [AGIOS-10] – Update aerogear-ios-xcode template to include Basic/Digest auth options
  • [AGIOS-30] – Integration Tests: Remove (or update) Twitter Pagination tests
  • [AGIOS-32] – AGStore isEmpty method is missing
  • [AGIOS-34] – Update AeroGear-iOS to iOS5+
  • [AGIOS-35] – Update AuthModule for AG-Security
  • [AGIOS-36] – update xcode template guide to reflect 1.1.0
  • [AGIOS-11] – iOS: Evaluate the OHHTTPStubs project

As always, feedback (mailing list or JIRA) is appreciated!

Have fun!



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