AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.8.1 released

I am happy to announce that we have a new release of the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!

The biggest change we did in this release was applying an update to our RESTful Sender API: We now have one single endpoint to deliver Push Notifications to the supported platforms like Android, iOS and Mozilla’s SimplePush. This of course has some impact on the client libraries and we will have the Java Library available on Maven Central shortly, while our latest NodeJS API is already available on npm.

Besides that we added support for JavaEE Bean Validation, added support for WildFly and polished the Admin UI (including an update to Ember 1.0.0). An SSL workaround for our OpenShift cardridge could be remove as well, as the underlying bug was fixed. And other minor things. Below are the enitre release notes for further details!

Now, you can download the WAR file and give it a shot!

Have fun!

Release Notes – AeroGear Push – Version 0.8.1


  • [AGPUSH-255] – Add server side validation and appropriate response body for bad requests
  • [AGPUSH-259] – When adding variant, all “help” links point to iOS help
  • [AGPUSH-298] – PushServer @DELETE methods violate REST specifications
  • [AGPUSH-299] – Misleading info in the Authentication Info section on the Mobile Variant Overview page
  • [AGPUSH-304] – Admin UI should do auth check before rendering content
  • [AGPUSH-342] – Admin UI installation details wrong label Description instead of Device Type
  • [AGPUSH-353] – Loading mispelled


  • [AGPUSH-343] – Add Access-Control-Max-Age to CORS preflight headers

Feature Request

  • [AGPUSH-200] – Add Google “Project Number” to Android Variant
  • [AGPUSH-271] – AdminUI: simplePushEndpoint for SP installations
  • [AGPUSH-275] – UnifiedPush Server: Add database CLI
  • [AGPUSH-287] – Undo OpenShift SSL Certificate workaround
  • [AGPUSH-288] – No way to show variant details if the variant has no name
  • [AGPUSH-302] – UnifiedPush: iOS-Corodva guide
  • [AGPUSH-305] – Move CURL commands to REST API specs
  • [AGPUSH-332] – Allow to add user
  • [AGPUSH-334] – Update to Ember 1.0.0
  • [AGPUSH-341] – Admin UI show push endpoint URL in installation details screen
  • [AGPUSH-354] – remove provider class name in persistence.xml
  • [AGPUSH-356] – Using AuthenticationManager injection with Agent parameter
  • [AGPUSH-357] – Using IdentityManagement injection with User parameter
  • [AGPUSH-375] – Update UnifiedPush Spec to use https




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