WWDC 2015: Apple Push goes HTTP2 for APNs

Last week was WWDC 2015 and one session got my attention: What’s New in Notifications!

The session is a two part session, focusing on iOS notifications (local/remote) and new features, like text-apply, but the most interesting part for me was the second half, which announced some coming APNs changes!

The big news is, Apple will have HTTP/2 API to send notification requests to APNs.


Here is a little summary of more details:

  • request/reponse (aka stream) for every sent (more reliable (e.g. JSON reason for a ‘bad request’ or 410 if the token is invalid))
    • allows ‘instant’ feedback (no separate feedback service!), since details are on the HTTP/2 response
  • multiplexing: multiple requests (to APNs) on a single connection
  • binary
  • simpler certificate handling: Just a single cert! (no separate for dev/prod, VOIP etc)
  • 4KB size of payload (for all versions of iOS/OSX), but just on the new HTTP/2 API

The new HTTP/2 API for APNs will be available in “Summer 2015” for the development environment and will be made available for production “later this year”. No exact dates were given.


I really like this move, and this means for our AeroGear UnifiedPush Server, we will be busy implementing this new Apple APIs!



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