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ADF Faces and Trinidad renderkits…

Looks like there is a confusion about the renderkits for Trinidad and ADF Faces. Today a colleague asked me what’s up with these renderkit IDs: oracle.adf.core oracle.adf.desktop oracle.adf.pda The last one ( is the one that you want to

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Client side logging with JavaScript and ADF Faces

ADF Faces is using (on the server) a “wrapper” around the standard Java logging. Based on the given log-level, the server-side console “prints” out different messages. To make life (and debugging) easier we did a similar thing for the client-side:

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Nice inline JavaScript and CSS via ADF Faces resource tag

Sometimes it is required that you need (or want) to write some custom JavaScript (and/or CSS). In JSF2 there are two tags to refer to JavaScript and CSS files. While the functionally to seamlessly integrate (external) resources, not always you

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Mobile Development with Apache MyFaces Trinidad

Since smartphones, like iPhone or Android phones, are getting more and more popular, more companies are getting serious about a “mobile strategy”. JavaServer Faces is a natural fit, since it’s rich component model allows you to simply switch the renderer…

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Pushing realtime updates for your backend to ADF Faces

Imagine you have some services which frequently triggers your backend to process some data and you need to display these changes on the UI… The most reasonable pattern is using Comet! ADF Faces has great and flexible support for Comet

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Twitter Streaming API and Apache Wink

During 2009 Twitter launched their Streaming API, which allows developers to get an (almost) real-time notification of tweets. The “filter.json” resource allows some filtering of the content. With CURL you could listen to the Twitter stream like: curl -umyUserAccount:password

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Flexible ADS – Combining popups with ActiveDataService

In this post I showed how to create a simple counter, based on the Active Data Service from ADF Faces. This facility works out of the box with components like: activeCommandToolbarButton activeImage activeOutputText table tree All DVT components However not

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