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Trinidad: JSF state-saving per page

In a JSF/Trinidad application the “state-saving” is configured via some parameters in the web.xml file. Trinidad adds a bit more to it with its TOKEN approach, check the documentation for the “org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CLIENT_STATE_METHOD” to read more. The result of the configuration

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UIComponent references in session scoped JSF beans

In this blog my colleague Blake Sullivan described a lot of issues with JSF managed beans that are placed in the session. This maybe easy for the developer on first hand, but the tax you pay later.. Even if you

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Mobile Development with Apache MyFaces Trinidad

Since smartphones, like iPhone or Android phones, are getting more and more popular, more companies are getting serious about a “mobile strategy”. JavaServer Faces is a natural fit, since it’s rich component model allows you to simply switch the renderer…

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Demo of Apache MyFaces 2 and OpenWebBeans

Recently the Apache MyFaces project released its second beta release and yesterday the Apache OpenWebBeans project released its M4 release. These are great milestones in the direction of JavaEE at Apache! A few month ago Bernd Bohmann and I were

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Ning’s Async Http Client and Twitter Streaming API

Recently I played with the Apache Wink REST Client to access the Twitter Streaming API. Yesterday Jean-Francois Arcand announced the availability of Ning’s new Async Http Client. The blog looked interesting and the Twitter stream is a perfect example to

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Twitter Streaming API and Apache Wink

During 2009 Twitter launched their Streaming API, which allows developers to get an (almost) real-time notification of tweets. The “filter.json” resource allows some filtering of the content. With CURL you could listen to the Twitter stream like: curl -umyUserAccount:password

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combining CDI producer methods with EL

CDI’s Producer methods are nice to expose any sort of class (e.g. legacy or 3rd party (JDK)). Combining the @Produces with the @Named you can reuse the result in your XHTML JSF page. Some Java code: Now the XHTML can

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