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Using CDI Scopes with Spring 3

With the advent of Spring 3 the framework now supports the Java Injection standard (JSR 330). However, unfortunately, they do not support the scoping, which is introduced in Java EE 6,through the CDI specification (JSR 299). Now the big difference

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Apache Hadoop HBase plays nice with JPA

The Google AppEngine uses the Google BigTable implementation as it’s storage system. Instead of only offering a native (and not so common) API to persist data they worked with the Datanucleus guys to get support for JPA and JDO. There

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Dependency Injection the JSR 330 way

Dependency Injection is not new! There have been several ways of doing DI in your Java application. The idea behind them is well understood, but the actual realization is slightly different: XML files vs Java annotation/classes etc… That can become

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Extensions for CDI

The JSRs 299/330 are pretty interesting as they offer a nice way to use its flexible structure to easily add new features. For instance inside of the Apache implementation (Apache OpenWebBeans) there is already some extension that adds decent support

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JSF 2 and CDI – a nice combo!

In JSF 2.0 there is (optional) support for annotating JSF Managed beans, via the Faces Managed Bean Annotation Specification. Both Apache MyFaces and the SUN RI implement this specification. With the advent of these two JSRs: 299 – CDI (Contexts

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EJB lite ? I think I need help…

A co-worker pointed me to this article of a EJB 3.1 series. There is something in called “EJB lite”. Reading the section on EJB lite, I think I need some help… First of all, they strip out some of the

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