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Apache MyFaces in the cloud

The Apache Software Foundation has a lot of offerings for cloud based infrastructure. There are a lot of projects in that directions. A few examples are: Hadoop, Cassandra, HBase or some that are currently undergoing incubation: Whirr / Libcloud. Two

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Example on accessing Apache HBase with JPA

A few month ago I started to play with Apache HBase, Apache’s Bigtable implementation. Since the Bigtable impl. from the Google AppEngine (->Datastore) can be accessed with JPA, I searched for a way to use HBase with JPA as well.

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Apache Hadoop HBase plays nice with JPA

The Google AppEngine uses the Google BigTable implementation as it’s storage system. Instead of only offering a native (and not so common) API to persist data they worked with the Datanucleus guys to get support for JPA and JDO. There

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