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Using CDI Scopes with Spring 3

With the advent of Spring 3 the framework now supports the Java Injection standard (JSR 330). However, unfortunately, they do not support the scoping, which is introduced in Java EE 6,through the CDI specification (JSR 299). Now the big difference

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combining CDI producer methods with EL

CDI’s Producer methods are nice to expose any sort of class (e.g. legacy or 3rd party (JDK)). Combining the @Produces with the @Named you can reuse the result in your XHTML JSF page. Some Java code: Now the XHTML can

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Extensions for CDI

The JSRs 299/330 are pretty interesting as they offer a nice way to use its flexible structure to easily add new features. For instance inside of the Apache implementation (Apache OpenWebBeans) there is already some extension that adds decent support

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Using the Expression Language Maintenance Release (MR) (EL2)

Funny, a co-worker yesterday called me about using the Expression Language MR stuff. Interestingly my buddy Lincoln wrote a blog on that one, a little while ago. Check it out. Good read!

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JBoss’ WebBeans and TCK

By accident, I noticed this link on the Seam website. It talks about WebBeans. No, it doesn’t only talk about WebBeans and the relationship to Seam. It does much more… it contains a link to the source code… Not a

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