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NotSerializableException for UIComponents

Sometimes I am getting ‘bugs’ that claim there is something wrong with the (Trinidad) framework, as its UIComponents are NOT serializable… An example: org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.component.UIXSwitcher No, this is not a bug at all! First: Your (session/application/pageFlow scoped) backing beans should

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ADF Faces and Trinidad renderkits…

Looks like there is a confusion about the renderkits for Trinidad and ADF Faces. Today a colleague asked me what’s up with these renderkit IDs: oracle.adf.core oracle.adf.desktop oracle.adf.pda The last one ( is the one that you want to

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UIComponent references in session scoped JSF beans

In this blog my colleague Blake Sullivan described a lot of issues with JSF managed beans that are placed in the session. This maybe easy for the developer on first hand, but the tax you pay later.. Even if you

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Mobile Development with Apache MyFaces Trinidad

Since smartphones, like iPhone or Android phones, are getting more and more popular, more companies are getting serious about a “mobile strategy”. JavaServer Faces is a natural fit, since it’s rich component model allows you to simply switch the renderer…

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Are you using Apache MyFaces Trinidad ?

Just took a look HERE and saw that more than 40 companies are already listed here. They are using Trinidad on their consulting gigs or for the projects or even products. If you are using Apache MyFaces Trinidad, let us

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Mobile Application Development with JSF (Trinidad)

Apache MyFaces Trinidad does support Mobile Application Development. There is also some documentation on this feature, here. Let’s see if we get a (nice) demo… 🙂 If you are interested in it, join the large MyFaces community. Enjoy!

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Trinidad – new releases

It has been a while, since we got the last Trinidad release (August 2008). Today, there were two new releases: Trinidad 1.2.10: A JSF 1.2 component library (and more) Trinidad 1.0.10: A JSF 1.1 component library (and more) Both are

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