UnifiedPush Server 0.11 is out!

Today we are extremely happy to announce an all new AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!

UnifiedPush Server

The UnifiedPush Server comes with a completely rewritten Angular.js based UI and is now powered by Keycloak! Thanks to the Keycloak team for the great work they delivered helping the AeroGear team to make the Keycloak integration happen.

Getting started

Getting started w/ the new server is still very simple:

  • Setup a database (here is an example for the H2 Database engine. Copy into $JBOSS/standalone/deployments)
  • Download the two WAR files (core and auth) and copy into $JBOSS/standalone/deployments
  • Start the JBoss server

The 0.11.0 release contains a lot of new features, here is a more detailed list:

  • Keycloak Integration for user management
  • Angular.js based AdminUI
  • Metrics and Dashboard for some Analytics around Push Messages
  • Code snippet UI now supports Swift
  • and a lot of fixes and other improvements! See JIRA for all the items

Besides the improvements on the server, we also have some Quickstarts to help you get going with the Push Server

Hello World

The HelloWorld is a set of simple clients that show how to register a device with the UnifiedPush Server. On the Admin UI of the server you can use the “Send Push” menu to send a message to the different applications, running on your phone.

Mobile Contacts Quickstart

The Mobile Contacts Quickstart is a Push-enabled CRUD example, containing several client applications (Android, Apache Corodva and iOS) and a JavaEE-based backend. The backend app is a secured (Picketlink) JAX-RS application which sends out push messages when a new contact has been created. Sometimes the backend (for a mobile application) has to run behind the firewall. For that the quickstart contains a Fabric8 based Proxy server as well.

Thanks again to the Keycloak team for their assistance.

Now, get your hands dirty and send some push messages! We hope you like the new server!

Next ?

We are now polishing the server for the 1.0.0 push release this summer. See the roadmap for details.

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AeroGear Push Releases

Today we are releasing two libraries around our Push offerings!

  • UnifiedPush Server 0.10.4
  • Java Sender client 0.7.0

Both releases are containing bug fixes and small improvements. This will be the last release of the 0.10.4 series, the next release (0.11) will contain an all new UI (powered by Angular.js), an integration with Keycloak and other new features such as analytics around push messages.

Both releases are available on Maven Central. The UnifiedPush Server on our OpenShift cartridge was also update to contain 0.10.4 for our PaaS offerings.

Last but not least: This summer we will be release the AeroGear MobilePush 1.0.0 to the community!

Stay tuned for more

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UnifiedPush Server 0.10.3 released

The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.10.3 was released to bintray and OpenShift online!

The release contains a few improvements:

  • Improved exception handling for Google Cloud Messaging
  • Generated Code Snippets match the simplified API of our Apache Cordova Push Plugin (0.5.0)
  • Generated Code Snippets for SimplePush match our JavaScript 1.5 release

For feedback, please join our mailing list! We are happy to help


Have fun!


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AeroGear Push updates to OpenShift and standalone servers

Today we are releasing a few push related artifacts

  • SimplePush Server 0.10.0
  • UnifiedPush Server 0.10.1
  • AeroGear’s Push Cartridge for OpenShift 0.10.0

While the SimplePush Server mainly contains small fixes and improvements (see Dan Bevenius’ email), the UnifiedPush Server comes with great updates to the Admin UI:

  • composing and sending push messages is now possible from within the AdminUI
  • code snippets for device registrations are generated on the different variant overviews

In his blog, Sebi Blanc is talking about the improvements.


Last but not least, we have also updated our OpenShift cartridge! When you now create a new AeroGear Push instance you are getting the above server releases automatically:

  • AeroGear SimplePush Server 0.10.0
  • AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.10.1

Have fun

and let us know what you think, or how and where we can improve!

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AeroGear UnifiedPush releases

This week we had a few releases around the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!

  • UnifiedPush Server 0.10.0
  • unifiedpush-java-client 0.5.0

The entire change log of the server can be found here:https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGPUSH/fixforversion/12321876

A few highlights of the Server:

  • iOS7 silent/background message support
  • GCM support for Chrome browser
  • Admin UI updates and tweaks
  • Postgresql support

Get it now: http://aerogear.org/push

Our OpenShift offering: Early March we will update the OpenShift cartridge, after the 0.10.0 version of our SimplePush Server has been released.

If you have any questions or feedback – let us know!

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WildFly 8 meets AeroGear UnifiedPush Server

Congrats to the WildFly team on releasing their 8.0.0.Final!

For integrating the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server with WildFly only a few steps are required!

First, download and start the server, like:

$WILDFLY_HOME/bin/standalone.sh -b

Now you just need to build the master branch of the mobile push server. For that you simply need to clone the repo:

git clone git@github.com:aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server.git 

and build the source code:

cd aerogear-unifiedpush-server
mvn clean install

Now you need to deploy a database-source (here we are using H2, the Java SQL database):

cp databases/unifiedpush-h2-ds.xml $WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/deployments

Once the database is deployed (check the WildFly console output), it is time to deploy our UnifiedPush Server:

cp server/target/ag-push.war $WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/deployments

That’s all! However in order to use the mobile push server to send notifications to your mobile clients, you need to login (http://localhost:8080/ag-push) and change the default password (123) of the adminuser.

If you are interested in mobile push, you can learn more about the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server by reading our different push tutorials and guides.

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AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 0.9.0 released

I am happy to announce that we have a new release of the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!

This release contains again a some API changes. The most important one is a true unification of our supported client platforms. Before this release the SimplePush clients were a bit different, as explained in the referenced thread. Another API change is that we now allow the registered devices/clients to be tagged in multiple categories, e.g. based on app user interest. The two changes now lead to a very lean API for sending Push Notifications to Android, iOS and SimplePush client devices:

curl -3 -u "{PushApplicationID}:{MasterSecret}"
   -v -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" 
   -X POST
   -d '{
       "categories" : ["Football", "BVB", "UEFA ChampionsLeague"],
       "message": {
         "alert":"Goal by Marco Reus!",
       "simple-push": "version=someVersionNumberString"

Of course the different client SDKs support the above API changes on the server 

Based on community feedback we also added a notification handler to the Java Client, which can be used in your Java (backend) application to post notification request against the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server. The callback looks like:

aerogearPushClient.send(push-message, new MessageResponseCallback() {

  public void onComplete(int statusCode) {
    // your logic goes here

  public void onError(Throwable throwable) {
    // handle error

The umbrella PushApplications and their logical variants are protected by a Key and a secret. For the secret we now allow the user to reset it, using our Admin UI:

AeroGear Admin UI

Besides that we had several improvements (HSTS, Mysql CLI or AdminUI tweaks) and enhancements (e.g. Time-to-live for Android and iOS notifications) and new examples like geolocation support with Hibernate Search.

Now, you can download the WAR file and give it a shot!

Have fun! Matthias

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